Frequently Asked Questions (D'Resort)

Booking Policies

  • How do I book a room?

  • What is the age requirement to make a booking and for checking-in?

  • Is there a minimum number of nights to book?

  • How do I cancel or amend my room bookings? Are there any charges involved?

BBQ Pits

  • Do room bookings come with pre-allocated BBQ pits?

  • How can I book a BBQ pit?

  • Are we allowed to bring our own portable BBQ pit?

  • How can I amend my BBQ pit booking?

  • Will there be charges for cancellation of BBQ Pit booking?


  • Can I use my LinkPoints to offset the cost of my stay?

  • Do I earn LinkPoints from my stay?

Check-In & Check-Out

  • What are the check-in and check-out timings?

  • Is there a place to store my luggage if I arrive before check-in time?

  • Can I request for late check-out?

  • Can someone else check-in on my behalf?

  • What is required for check-in?

Getting to D'Resort and Parking

Amenities & Services

  • Are there ironing and laundry facilities?

  • Does the resort provide baby cots?

  • How many beds are there in the room?

  • Do you have smoking rooms?

  • Does the resort allow catering of food during our stay?

  • Are pets allowed?

Contact Us

  • How do I get in touch?