Rainforest Cafe - Restaurant & cafe at D’Resort Singapore

Our Rainforest Cafe in D’Resort Singapore offers a delightful blend of Asian and Western-inspired dishes, perfect for any special occasion. Loved by thousands, our resort cafe's menu is crafted to be made and delivered just for you. Experience the best of hotel and resort food here.

Location: D'Resort #02-01 East Wing

Operating Hours: 7.30 am to 10.00pm daily

Want to order your catering?

Rainforest Cafe provides unforgettable dining experiences with delicious meals, ideal for both daily catering and special occasions like tea receptions, corporate events, or indoor parties. Whether you're enjoying our café, exploring our menu, or savoring our food, we are here to serve you 365 days a year.

For catering and BBQ related enquiries, please drop an email to, our appointed resident caterer. 

Our extensive resort menu can accommodate your needs. Please let us know of any special inquiries or dietary restrictions.

Rainforest Cafe Catering Menu