Tips to Find The Best Staycation Locations

Mar 24, 2023, 20:06 PM
Discover the perfect staycation location for you & family. Recharge and explore without travel. Follow our tips to choose the best place for a break!


Not everyone can afford the time to travel or go for a long holiday. If you plan to go on holiday with your family or friends, the planning can be tedious when it comes to aligning schedules. A wonderful solution to this issue is opting for a staycation. Staycations can be a great way to recharge and explore your local area without the hassle of travel. Here are some tips to help you choose the best hotel or resort location for your staycation.

Consider your interests

Think about what you’re looking for in a staycation. What are your expectations? Do you want a quiet and calm getaway or are you looking for fun and adventure? Are you having clashing interests with a member of your family? In that case, D’Resort is the place to be! It is the perfect resort for a staycation with your family and friends. You can find just about any adventurous activities such as roller skating, kayaking, wall climbing and even a waterpark! If you want to unwind, you can enjoy a meditation session in our peaceful room or relaxing stroll at the nearby beach and park.

Do some research

One of the best ways to settle the question, “how to choose the perfect location for a hotel room in Singapore?” is through good old-fashioned research. It is important that the place you choose to stay is exactly what you are looking for as this can make your trip much more satisfying and enjoyable. You should also take into consideration the types of amenities and facilities you can access at your chosen staycation. Another vital factor of a successful staycation is having a vast array of activities within your reach! Rest assured that D’Resort has just what you need. You can play, relax as well as shop whenever you want!

Ask for recommendations

Another great way to decide on a staycation destination is by asking your friends and family about their opinions on staycations they have been on before. Gather as much information as possible to narrow down your choices to the staycation that provides the best value. Don’t feel the need to hold back. Ask as many questions about every aspect of your friends’ and families’ staycation experience. Learning from the experiences of others can be truly eye opening.

Consider Offers & deals

As for considering offers and deals provided by the resort of your chosen staycation, this is definitely a ‘smart shopper’ move. This especially applies to resorts or hotels which have excellent facilities and activities for you and your family during your staycation. It gives you a sense of accomplishment when you receive an offer that is so worthwhile.

We hope that this article taught you how to choose the perfect hotel room for your staycation in Singapore. With D'Resort, rest assured that you'll enjoy a stress-free time whether on your own, with friends or family! Fret not about your luggage weight or if you packed enough, staycations are meant to be within close proximity of your home. Our many facilities will leave you spoiled for choice as well as keep you occupied during your entire stay!