How to Look for Best Gathering Spots for Large Groups

Jan 6, 2023, 13:41 PM
Looking for alternative spots for bigger groups to convene? Here are some things to know when looking for a gathering place in Singapore. Learn more.


Let’s face it. We live in a small, cosy island nation, with a majority of us living in HDBs/ apartments. Even our public spaces are just enough for very specific activities, which makes it hard to be versatile when gathering in larger groups. So, when it comes to looking for places for gathering in Singapore, it becomes necessary to look for alternative spots that allow for bigger groups to convene. Here are some things you need to consider when looking for affordable places for gathering:

1)     Nature of event

When deciding on a place for group gatherings, it is wise to determine the nature of the event that is being celebrated. For instance, a high-end gallery type of space may not be suitable for a child’s birthday party, nor would it be wise to hold a 70th birthday celebration of a beloved grandma at a fast-food joint.

2)     Purpose and goal of event

What is the event being held for? Is it a party? Or a conference? Or just a family gathering? There is a huge difference between a party event space, and a nice place for family vacations – in terms of the place itself, amenities, available services, accessibility, and overall vibe of the place.

3)     Size of the group

In Singapore, groups of various sizes look for affordable places for gathering, and there are many spaces that accommodate different group sizes. For instance, if you’re looking at cosy family holiday destinations for a retreat with your family, there are spaces that provide an adequate amount of room. Or if you are looking for a large place for group gatherings such as family reunions, you may want to consider looking for a place that offers adequate space for activities, and of course - BBQ! What is a family reunion without a good, old fashioned BBQ?  

4)     Activities

This ties in with the purpose and goal of the event. What kind of activities do you want to hold during the gathering? Do you need a stage/podium for a large family reunion? Do you need some fun activities like wall-climbing, nature trails, and art jams for your young ones to participate in? Do you want to explore and do some physical activities such as kayaking and rollerskating with your peers? Or do you want to just chill and putt around a golf course? Places for gathering in Singapore have activities that cater to different groups of people, it just takes some research to determine which spot is the best for your group.

5)     Amenities and facilities

When choosing affordable places for gatherings, it is very important to keep in mind the amenities and facilities you need to use. For instance, family holiday destinations should offer amenities and facilities like accessible washrooms, a place for an extended family to gather and bond, and activities that cater to all age groups. Or if you are having a wedding or a reunion, you need a stage/podium, a solid sound system, tables and chairs, etc. Understandably, people would look for some unique features to make their gatherings/reunions/holidays more memorable - having one at a resort with an adjacent water park would definitely be worth remembering!

6)     Duration

How long do you plan your gathering for? Is it just a one-nighter, or is it a week-long bonding time? Take this into consideration before choosing your space you wouldn’t need accommodation for a night’s event, but you definitely need more than the basic amenities if you are planning a large-scale gathering.

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