Work and Leisure: Getting the Best of Both Worlds

Mar 22, 2024, 18:20 PM
In the corporate world, achieving a healthy work-life balance is crucial for mental health and personal fulfilment. Explore how to and its benefits today. Read more!


In today's fast-paced corporate landscape, finding the delicate balance between work commitments and personal life has become more crucial than ever. The juxtaposition of work and leisure has emerged as a key theme, urging individuals and organisations to explore ways of harmonising productivity with relaxation. This dynamic interplay is not merely a quest for time management but a strategic approach to enhance creativity, foster team cohesion, and ultimately improve overall work satisfaction. In this exploration, we are going to delve into the strategies, benefits, and insights on why it is important to balance work and leisure that contribute to creating an environment where both professional success and personal fulfilment thrive in unison with us, here at D’Resort Singapore.

Flexible Working Arrangements

Having a flexible working arrangement helps in catering to worker’s time. This means, workers can come in for work at their own convenience and time. They can avoid stress from traffic, have more personal time to themselves, keeping workers to always be more content with their corporate lives. 

Focusing on work-life balance, enhancing work quality when the workers have more time to unwind and collect themselves, balancing both work and life. This allows them to fully utilise work hours for productivity in their job scopes. Working arrangements also doesn’t mean one should be cooped up in the office, anywhere can be a great setting suited to their needs, better yet, far away from stressors such as traffic and busy lifestyle. Thinking of having your training and meetings away from the usual workplace? Our corporate function rooms and exhibition will pamper you with comfort and ease, smoothing the sail of your seminars and functions.

Technology Detox

Having to face the screen almost every day and every single hour can be mentally and physically training. By having your leisure time while still in your business, you can get your own resting time and also boost your energy levels. Detox by advocating for occasional breaks from technology to disconnect from work-related stressors and fully enjoy leisure time without needing to check your email every 5 minutes.

Take a step back, breathe the fresh air and lay your gaze to the greeneries outdoors. It is important for you to understand that your mental health is as important as your work-life balance, being able to clear your mind and relax will help you get the most out of your productivity. 

D’Resort offers you plenty of locations you can choose from to rest your eyes and stretch your legs, ranging from the sunny beach of Pasir Ris Park to the vast green driving range of Orchid Country Club, only a stone’s throw away from the resort. 

Comfortable Working Space

It is essential to consider your comfort when it comes to working, especially those who spend most of their time sitting up straight on their laptop. Comfortable working space is not limited to comfy chairs and a stable desk, your surrounding is also a benefactor of comfiness such as a quiet and serene working environment. By prioritising both work and leisure by incorporating comfortable workspaces and promoting a healthy work-life balance, workers are able to work at their utmost effort when their comfort is fulfilled. 

Our rooms serve as a comfortable space to relax and enjoy your work, away from the stir of the city. You may choose whichever room that is suitable for you, from our comfortable family rooms to our luxurious suites, all ready for your relaxation.

It is important for the balance of working and leisure, keeping yourself productive while being kind to yourself. Not only does leisure help you relax and enjoy your surroundings, but boost productivity and help foster a more fulfilling professional life. By achieving balance between work and leisure, you can get the best of both worlds. The pursuit of excellence is not only a professional endeavour but a holistic commitment to well-being and fulfilment. Here at D’Resort Singapore, we prioritise our customer’s comfort and we pride ourselves with our serene surroundings enveloping our resort, giving you the best environment away from the hustle and bustle of the city, perfect for a great balance between work and leisure.