Staycation in Singapore: What to do During a Staycation?

Jan 6, 2023, 13:41 PM
Wondering what are the things you can do during staycation in hotel or resort? Here are some activities you can easily enjoy during your staycation. Read more.


Sometimes, we just want to get away from it all – work, chores, the hustle and bustle of daily life – but our budget only allows so much room before we go totally broke. Does that mean skipping a well-deserved rest altogether? Of course not! Everyone needs some time off, but that does not mean splurging on an expensive vacation abroad. It is easy enough to find a nice staycation resort in Singapore where all you have to worry about is having a good time – have a staycation instead of a vacation!

A staycation is basically a vacation – with less travelling and spending. You don’t have to take flights or drive far, you get to spend time somewhere cosy without worrying about chores, and just kick back and relax. The only difference between a staycation and a vacation is simply your bank balance after.

At this point, you may be wondering what is the point of a staycation, exactly, if you won’t be travelling somewhere new? Well, the point of a staycation is to unwind after weeks, even months of slogging away at real life. Many things to do on vacations also apply for staycations! In this article, we suggest some staycation activities for adults to unwind during their time off.



1)     NO WORKING! This goes without staying. You are on a vacation to take a break from all the daily responsibilities, so put your work aside and focus on yourself.

2)     Go off-grid, if possible. At least, turn off all work communications.

3)     Find a place that you vibe with. For staycations, hotels in Singapore are well-equipped to meet your needs. Choose one you like the best.

4)     Get comfortable. Bring along your fuzzy slippers, your tatty old blankie, your holey pyjamas – anything that makes you feel that you’re at a home away from home.

5)  Prepare snacks and fun, stay-in activities – If you are already looking for staycation resorts in Singapore, surely you want to just relax and unwind. Bring along your favourite snacks and some fun indoor activities to keep yourself occupied.



Being adults, one of the best things to do on vacations is to do nothing at all. But here are some other activities you may want to consider:

1)     Read! Your mind absorbs and learns much more when it is relaxed!

2)     Listen to music. Music is soul food.

3)     Arts and crafts. Tap into your inner creativity and create something amazing.

4)     SLEEP! Need we say more?

5)     Pamper yourself. Living in a hectic, fast-paced environment is tiring.

6)     Reconnect with nature, the best healer of all.

7)  Have a barbecue. What could be a better bonding experience than cooking and eating together outdoors?

8)   Go out food hunting because hey, this is Singapore! There is a huge variety of cuisines to try!

9)   Explore fun activities nearby. Some staycation hotels in Singapore have exciting activities like wall-climbing, kayaking, baking classes, golf, and even horseback riding!

There are a whole variety of suggestions when it comes to what to do during a staycation, depending on where you’re staying and your personal interests. The main point is, you can have a great, relaxing staycation that rejuvenates you and prepares you to face life again at the end of it, without having the added tension of splurging too much for a week away. There are many options that you can consider; from staying at your own home, or if you want a real vacation experience, find a nice resort nearby that offers accommodation and fun activities for you to do. You may spend a little more, but not as much as going abroad for a vacation. A good quality stay, no work or chores, total relaxation, saving money – what’s not to like about staycations?

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