5 Team Building Activities that Will Make Strangers the Best of Friends

Jan 6, 2023, 13:41 PM
Planning some team building activities during this coming weekend for your group? Here are five activities to boost team’s morale and motivation. Learn more!


Many companies require team building activities to boost morale and motivation in the workplace. It's also a great way to build better chemistry amongst colleagues for healthier communication. However, just because these activities are a requirement, doesn't mean they can't be fun! Most team building activities are held outside company grounds as this enables movement and being inside the office isn't exactly the best place to have fun. You would be reminded about your piling workload and upcoming deadlines. Team building activities are great fun for your group outdoors — perhaps at the beach, park and more — and D’Resort Singapore has just that for you! Remember that team bonding isn’t just limited to the activities on your list. At D’Resort, you can opt for other activities in your spare time as well. Here are some team bonding ideas and games you and your colleagues can take part in during your office outing!

Scavenger hunt

A traditional scavenger hunt is a team building activity in which teams compete amongst each other to see who can obtain the most items from a list within a specified area which is typically outdoors as some fresh air can really get your gears moving! It showcases teamwork to solve clues and each member’s expertise to win the challenge. Members of the team need to have great communication and leadership skills to keep the team organised in their search of the items on their lists in order to win the challenge. This helps create stronger bonds of understanding between colleagues that will prove to be useful in the workplace. D’Resort makes it easy for you and your team to move around as there is a beach and park nearby for your activities as well as many other experiences.


Besides that, other benefits that come from a scavenger hunt would be that it encourages you to think outside the box so that your crisis management skills can be sharpened as well as increases employee engagement so that even the shy ones get excited enough to speak out.


Station games

Station games are an excellent way to get each person in your team involved during your office outing. It is impossible to exclude a single person. Station games are a series of short games as part of a whole. It requires you to collect points at every station through different challenges to determine the winner at the end who is the person or team with the most points collected. Many of the values developed during station games can make for better relationships and attitudes in the office.


Station games improve motivation as well as promote teamwork. Every station has a challenge that involves a different set of skills. Even if there is a group leader, each person can pitch in and lead the team especially when the challenge requires skills that they have. This point helps the team get to know each other and get a first-hand look at what their colleagues are skillful at.


Trust building

Trust building activities and practices are a great team bonding idea for employee morale. Building trust helps differentiate between a collaborative, encouraging work environment and one that is toxic. These activities are both fun and prove to be an opportunity for companionship whilst working on team communication skills. You need to know your employees or colleagues have your back when certain work issues arise.


One of the best trust building activities can be Willow In The Wind — similar to a trust fall —  where one team member stands in the middle, surrounded by the team, with their eyes closed and legs locked together as they fall in any direction. The team members need to keep that person upright by gently pushing them around the circle.


Competitive sports

Competitive sports among teams such as relay races, beach volleyball, basketball, football and more are great for showcasing some of your skills as well as learning how to operate as a single unit through teamwork and cooperation. Fighting for a common goal with a team teaches you how to build teamwork as well as effectively communicate to solve problems. This experience is helpful when encountering problems at work.


Group exercises

Group exercises such as Tai Chi and yoga provide many health benefits such as lowering stress levels, increasing flexibility and more. This is best conducted outside the office, for instance, at a resort for corporate outings. For teams, practising yoga and Tai Chi can lead to stronger relationships and improved communication. Tai Chi is an internal martial art that originates from China. It is practised both for its defence training and health benefits as well as encourages collaboration and the importance of teamwork. It activates the mind, to promote productivity whilst remaining calm. Tai Chi and yoga by the beach? How much more relaxing can it get?


With D'Resort, rest assured that you'll enjoy a stress-free time with your colleagues! Our many facilities will leave you spoiled for choice as well as keep you occupied during your entire stay! We have rooms perfect for families, get-togethers, peaceful getaways and even for those wanting to treat themselves to our luxurious suites. We even have corporate facilities such as functions and meeting rooms. We provide many activities to make your stay at your home away from home as comfortable and fun as possible. If you’re just looking for a staycation with colleagues, here are some of the ways to make the most out of your staycation! Get ready for a fun time of group and team building activities at D’Resort Singapore — the perfect resort for corporate outings and more!