Staycation Ideas for Solo Travellers

Jun 22, 2023, 16:04 PM
Discover exciting staycation ideas tailored for solo travellers in Singapore. Explore local gems and have unforgettable experiences without breaking the bank. Read more.

Solo travel has gained immense popularity as an opportunity for a quick getaway. However, travelling solo doesn't always mean you have to fork out a huge amount of money for an exotic getaway. Sometimes, the best experiences can be found right where you live. In this article, we will explore some exciting staycation ideas tailored specifically for solo travellers in Singapore. 

Nature & wellness retreats

One of the many perks of going on a staycation alone is that you have the chance to free your mind and not worry about anything else. You would have peace and quiet as well as the time to meditate, do relaxing activities and explore yourself. You could opt for a staycation resort that has a peaceful view or has places that help you connect with nature such as a park or a beach. Breathing in some fresh air can help refresh and rejuvenate your mind and soul as well as can do wonders for your mental health.

With D’Resort you can enjoy the ultimate peaceful staycation experience for singles or solo travellers that can help improve wellness as well as to get more in touch with nature. We highly recommend our Peace & Serenity room that has all the makings for relaxing and decluttering your mind. You could also enjoy sunset paddling where you get to watch the sunset with beautiful colours painted across the sky. This is truly a magnificent sight especially for those who spend too much time looking at screens. 

Creative retreats 

Perhaps you’re looking for a staycation where you get the chance to pick up a new skill or learn a new hobby that you can do during your free time even after your little solo break. Hobbies are essential for your well-being and personal growth. You have the chance to explore your interests and passions outside of your daily responsibilities. Engaging in hobbies allows you to relax, recharge, and find joy in your lives. 

One perfect staycation resort that offers workshops as such is D’Resort! D’Resort is the perfect staycation for singles or those travelling alone as it has several activities suitable for both young as well as those young at heart. Activities you could try out for at D’Resort are prawning, art workshops to expand your creativity, horseback riding and so much more!

Thrilling retreats 

Another solo staycation idea is to go for some exciting, heart racing activities! You may be an adrenaline junkie who enjoys some adventure and thrill. Perhaps for your next solo trip, you could keep an eye out for staycations that offer activities — or have some nearby — that really get your heart going. 

Once again, D’Resort is the staycation location that has exactly what you’re looking for. We have a wide array of activities for you to enjoy such as the Wild Wild Wet Waterpark with its adrenaline-pumping rides for teens to relaxing and gentle ones for adults & elders, there’s something for everyone. We also have other adventurous activities such as roller skating, kayaking, wall climbing and more! 

Day trips 

Once you’re done with exploring activities, learning new skills and hobbies, and have had some peaceful and relaxing time to yourself, feel free to explore the area around you. You’ll be surprised at what hidden gems you’ve been living so close to all this while.

Whilst staying at D’Resort, you could drop by Downtown East to do some shopping. There are a variety of shops to visit at Downtown East from bicycle shops, Korean products stores, nail salons and more! Rest assured you’ll be spoiled for choice!

With D'Resort Singapore, rest assured that you'll enjoy a stress-free time whether on a solo staycation, with friends or family! Our many facilities as well as offers and deals will leave you spoiled for choice as well as keep you occupied during your entire stay!