How to Plan the Ultimate Proposal

Oct 3, 2023, 20:22 PM

Thinking of declaring your marriage proposal in the most charming way? Creating the perfect proposal at a staycation resort is a romantic and – definitely – memorable way to start the next chapter of your life together. In the serenity of the resort, you can propose to the love of your life here. Here's a guide on how to plan the ideal proposal:

Select the Right Staycation Resort

A romantic staycation is needed to create the dreamy wedding proposal for you and your loved one. Not only does it provide you the comfort that you need, this romantic staycation will set the amorous ambience needed. 

Here in D’Resort Singapore, we can help you fulfil your dreams with the green lush view of the Pasir Ris Park, a stone’s throw away from the resort. Your couple's staycation should be stress-free. We have a variety of selections of rooms for you to choose from, such as the Rainforest Room, a perfect staycation for couples to wind down.

Book your room early October 2023 for attractive deals and promotions!

Coordinate with Resort Staff

To ensure you have a smooth experience for your proposal, it is better for you to organise accordingly and coordinate with the resort staff to help you ease the process. Jot down any important details for you to entail about the resort or services that we provide. D’Resort is a wonderful venue for a marriage proposal at the resort as we provide a service of resort proposal packages.

Here, your experience is our priority. We are open for suggestions and enquiries pertaining to your stay here at the resort. Simply contact us to make any requests or enquiries.

Choose the Perfect Location

Room? Checked. Now, the marriage proposal location. It is important to take note of the location of your wedding proposal so that it is momentous and beautiful. For the ultimate experience of the occasion, we suggest two options for you to choose from: indoor or outdoor.

For indoors, we provide a wedding proposal package in the resort, equipped with room proposal decorations including flower petals and themed balloons fit for the moment. The resort will help adorn your room with proposal ornaments included in the package so you can propose to your significant other in the comfort of your own space while still maintaining the exceptional event.

Prefer outdoors? Worry not! In the vicinity of D’Resort Singapore, we have an array of breathtaking outdoor venues for you to select. Accompanied by the greenery surrounding the garden and butterflies, the Butterfly Garden in Pasir Ris Park near the resort is an alluring location for you to propose to your partner. Another garden is the Therapeutic Gardens. Overviewing the sea, the Therapeutic Garden is a romantic yet breezy location for your proposal.

Plan the Timing

To ensure a lovely moment for you to pop the question to your better half, it is good for you to consider the stunning views that nature may provide you. Plan the timing accordingly, check the weather and heat, so that it’ll be a comfortable proposal for you and your partner. You can catch the alluring sunset with the WET Adventures! Mangrove Experience + Sunset Paddling.

Surrounded by a breathtaking view of nature and perfect sunset sky, this activity is a romantic way to confess your gesture to your partner. Plus point if both of you are adventure junkies! 

Capture the Moment

Preserve the memento by capturing it physically or digitally, making it last forever so you can cherish it for a lifetime. If you are looking for something more budget-friendly, you may use your personal devices to capture this moment. You don’t need to invest in expensive equipment such as the latest cameras or hire a professional cameraman, your personal device should do the trick.

Be sure to pick up some cool photography tips and tricks, so you can encapsulate the beautiful moment of your proposal. Take portrait pictures or videos: the choice is yours to make this eternal for you and your future generations to witness!

Personalise Your Proposal

Your proposal can be personalised according to what you and your partner likes. Note down the likes & dislikes of your partner and personalise according to the taste, this includes their interests. Be sure to let you and your partner be comfortable with your choices.

You may reshare memories with your partner to reminisce about the times that you went through together too! Your proposal should be very exclusive for you and your partner. A heartfelt speech is a good way to express your love and dreams.

Ring Representation

Choose an engagement ring that reflects the personality of your partner. You can also have a ring custom-made to suit your preferences.

If you are opting for a safer choice, there is always an option for a presentation ring. A presentation ring is a ring that you present to your partner, before getting the real deal that suits the liking of your partner. Using a temporary or a placeholder ring such as the presentation ring, it eliminates the concerns about getting the style perfect and ensures the surprise remains intact. 

Plan a Surprise Celebration

Congratulations, your partner says yes to your proposal! Let’s celebrate to commemorate the moment!

There are various activities in D’Resort Singapore that can be pursued to unwind and spend quality time with your partner such as horse & pony rides, renting mountain bicycles at the Coastline Bicycle Kiosk, D.I.Y. Art Jamming, and more!

There are loads of activities that you and your fiance can indulge in near the resort as well, ranging from a relaxing day at the beach in Pasir Ris Park to adrenaline pumping activities at the Wild Wild Wet Waterpark Singapore. You can also sing to your heart's content at the HaveFun Karaoke with their cool themed rooms! Looking for an indoor skate rink? Hi Roller is the perfect place to go on a skate date with your loved one. 

Enjoy the Staycation

Remember that the perfect proposal is one that reflects your unique relationship and makes your partner feel loved and cherished. Keep it personal, heartfelt, and true to your love story, and your staycation resort proposal is sure to be a moment you both will treasure forever. With D'Resort, rest assured that you'll enjoy a stress-free time whether on your own, your partner, with friends or family especially with our attractive deals and promos to make your staycation a worthwhile one! Our many facilities as well as offers and deals will leave you spoiled for choice as well as keep you occupied during your entire stay!