Family Reunions & Chinese New Year

Jan 29, 2024, 14:31 PM
Discover Chinese New Year getaway destination for family reunions. Find ideal locations for large families to celebrate. Start planning your joyous vacation today!

As families are starting to put up glorious red and gold decorations in their homes, the feel of togetherness and warm laughter start to fill in the festive atmosphere – Chinese New Year is here! Beyond the festive decorations and delectable feasts, at the heart of this celebrated occasion lies a cherished tradition that resonates with love and togetherness: family reunions. A truly festive celebration encompasses family reunions and cherishing one another as we step into the new year together. Join us as we delve into the profound significance of family gatherings during Chinese New Year, exploring the rich cultural tapestry that binds generations together in the spirit of renewal, prosperity, and joy.

Family Retreats 

Why not celebrate Chinese New Year differently with a twist? Instead of celebrating Chinese New Year traditionally at home, gather your loved ones to a getaway to a tranquil family reunion destination! Family reunions are known for their big reunions from the littlest member to great-grandparents – a getaway to a bigger place to accommodate and include everyone in the family.

With a fun family retreat to a hotel or resort, not only do you and your family can celebrate the new year together by having a large location for family reunion, but you do not have to worry about taking the extra mile to decorate your family reunion venues or burning the oil cooking for everyone. We got you covered! Just relax and enjoy your stay with the help of the resort while still being able to enjoy the new year’s together with your loved ones.

Family-friendly Amenities

Festivities are not just confined to the traditional celebrations, try and mix up the traditional celebrations with a modern but festive twist! Here at D’Resort Singapore, we offer you state of the art amenities for everyone in your family to enjoy, despite age! There are loads of fun family-friendly activities that you can choose from, catering to all generations of your family

The adults can enjoy golfing at the nearest golf course, Orchid Country Club. Bike rentals and sunset paddling are also available to explore the resort to the fullest. Child at heart? No worries! Feel the rush of your adrenaline with your family at Wild Wild Wet Waterpark Singapore! Children can enjoy riding ponies and horses, making art with D.I.Y Art Jamming and prawning at Bait ‘N Catch! Need something more relaxed and slow-paced for your family reunion getaway? Feel free to chill and enjoy the sand & sun at our Pasir Ris Beach just right beside our resort. 

Secluded Celebrations

Oftentimes, celebrations are being done in our hometown where everyone is cramped at the same place, leading to traffic jams and a headache resulting from the busy and noisy atmosphere. Here at D’Resort, you can take a getaway vacation away from the hustle and bustle of festivity and be with your loved ones for your family reunion. Family reunions are held special in our lives, the special bonding and memories are being cherished between your family members only. 

For those seeking a more intimate and private Chinese New Year celebration, the concept of "Secluded Celebrations" at our resort offers a distinct allure. Away from the hustle and bustle, we provide an exclusive and tranquil setting, allowing families to immerse themselves fully in the traditions of the Lunar New Year while enjoying the seclusion and luxury that the resort environment affords.

As we welcome the new year, let the memories forged in the warmth of family love endure. In D'Resort Singapore, with our tailored packages and commitment to creating memorable experiences, offer the perfect backdrop for the timeless tradition of family reunions. May the coming year bring prosperity, happiness, and many more opportunities for families to come together and celebrate the richness of their shared heritage. Book with us today!