Are You DINKs? Here’s 5 Exciting Things You Should Do For Your Next Getaway

Mar 1, 2023, 21:35 PM
In search of an exciting activity to do with your partner before becoming a parent? Here, we’ve put together some fun things you might be interested in. Read more!

What is DINK? "DINK" is an acronym that stands for "Double Income, No Kids". It refers to a couple where both partners have a job and do not have children. Children are truly wonderful and being a parent is a fruitful cause. However, whilst you and your partner are still young, it would do some good to have a quick — maybe romantic — getaway to experience activities that you may not be able to try out once you become a parent. Here are 5 exciting things to do for your next getaway if you are DINKs and before you become a parent.

Go on an adventure

One of the many things a childless or childfree couple can do for fun is to go on an adventure. You and your partner can take this opportunity to try new and potentially risky activities that are sure to fuel your adrenaline rush and create lasting memories as well as strengthen your bond as a couple. 

At D’Resort, you could go Upwall Climbing which is an air-conditioned rock climbing gym located at E!Hub@Downtown East in Pasir Ris with your better half. It is an excellent activity to strengthen your bond through strategising and providing support for each other. You could even go on a kayaking adventure to Singapore's first floating halal Kelong Restaurant where you get to cooperate with your partner and learn to be more in sync with them to ensure a smooth journey. We have these and many more activities just for you here at D’Resort. These are also great things to do before becoming a parent so that you’re prepared for the challenges ahead. 

Explore the great outdoors

Whilst it is just you and your partner, take this opportunity to take in some sunlight! Go to the beach to sunbathe and tan, take long walks, swim and more! If you would prefer a dryer outing, you and your partner could opt for a day at the park. You could play some games, workout together or have a somatic picnic. The possibilities are endless as there are no set rules for having a picnic. You would only need some snacks like sandwiches or pizzas, drinks like sodas, tea or even water, and a mat to sit on! When you’re a couple travelling childfree, you wouldn’t have to worry about your children getting cranky and wanting to go home. At D’Resort, we have a beautiful nature park that is within close proximity of our resort as well as the beach! Unwind with us to experience a getaway like no other!

Go to a waterpark

Besides that, another thing childless couples could do for fun is to have some childlike fun at a waterpark! Wild Wild Wet is one of Singapore’s largest water parks that promises a day of thrills and spills for the whole family. Situated in Downtown East, it remains one of the most popular attractions and was voted Top 5 Water Parks in Asia under TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice in 2019 and 2020. It was also the Travellers' Choice Top 10 award recipient from 2014 to 2016. From adrenalin-pumping rides to relaxing and gentle ones, there’s something for everyone. NTUC members (Silver Card) who make the room bookings directly with us are entitled to complimentary unlimited access to Wild Wild Wet, based on the room occupancy.

Visit new places

Visiting new places could be fun and even worry-free when you’re travelling childfree as you don’t have to constantly keep an eye on the little ones. You could go to a new mall, shopping centre, or even to a new restaurant or cafe.

Whilst staying at D’Resort, you and your partner could drop by Downtown East to do some shopping. There are a variety of shops to visit at Downtown East from bicycle shops, Korean products stores, nail salons and more! Rest assured you’ll be spoiled for choice!

Take time to meditate

Taking the time to meditate and be at peace is an excellent thing to do before becoming parents. Being a parent has its wholesome moments, however, it can sometimes get a little chaotic. Whilst you have the chance, take the opportunity to meditate and appreciate all you have and look forward to all that will come someday.

At D’Resort, you could opt for our Rainforest Room that is sure to give you a sense of peace and serenity. Our Peace & Serenity rooms provide an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

We hope that through this article, you have learnt what DINKs are, things you can do before becoming a parent and more. With D'Resort, rest assured that you'll enjoy a stress-free time whether on your own, with your partner or even with your family! Our many facilities will leave you spoiled for choice as well as keep you occupied during your entire stay!